About Biotech North

What is Biotech North?

Biotech North is a cluster organization located in Tromsø, Norway, which serves the biotechnology and biomarine sectors in the entire northern portion of the country. Cluster organizations contribute to increased value creation in trade and industry by helping to develop expertise and encouraging collaboration within the areas of innovation and internationalization. This includes:
  • Creating arenas for interaction and cooperation among cluster members
  • Profiling the community to the outside world and serving as a broker between cluster members and foreign actors
  • Supporting educational opportunities and entrepreneurial endeavors within the field

What is so special about northern Norway?

Within northern Norway lies one of the most rich and biologically diverse natural environments in the entire world. Many of the organisms in this area have had to adapt their bodies over time to be able to survive in this harsh environment, leading to the development of cold-adapted properties. This means they can function very well at very low temperatures, whereas the same microorganisms from more typical environments would not be able to survive. These unique properties give us a broad range of utilities for these microorganisms, especially in industries where materials may have to stay very cold, such as biomedicine and pharmaceuticals.

Our Infrastructure

Despite the frigid temperatures, the Gulf Stream keeps the northern coast of Norway surprisingly habitable. This means that not only can scientists and researchers access an incredible array of biomolecules, but they can do so in temperatures that are not much different from those in mid-latitudes. Many of the world’s top minds have therefore flocked to this area to get their hands on these unique organisms, contributing to an infrastructure that includes modern vessels and laboratories, highly advanced testing and production facilities, a well-organized business incubator, the north’s largest university, and a world-renown university hospital.
Biotech North is a first-class knowledge hub for the blue bioeconomy, helping ideas to reach the market and become commercial successes.

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