Cluster Members & Partners

Of our 39 members, 24 are new and established companies in the biotech, biomarine, fishery, and aquaculture arenas. Others are R&D players, service providers and actors for the stimulation of innovation. Our members enjoy courses and workshops designed for further education, network activities to connect people, business development services, help for startups, and international branding and promotion.



Contact: Salve Dahle

A research and consultancy company in the NIVA-group (Norwegian Institute of Water Research). 

Arctic Biodiscovery Centre

Contact: TBD

Gathers expertise, infrastructure and business opportunities within marine biotechnology and bioprospecting.


Develops, manufactures and markets novel molecular enzymes for use in research, molecular diagnostics and applied markets. 


Contact: Tore Leon

A newly founded company based in the research park in Tromsø specializing in organic synthesis. 

Barents Biocentre Lab

A research laboratory offering access to advanced equipment for biotechnology companies, research communities and educational institutions in northern Norway


Produces food supplements completely free of artificial additives.

Biotec Betaglucans

Develops and manufactures immune modulating compounds for the human health sectors. 

Biotec Pharmacon

Develops, manufactures and markets immune modulating compounds for the human health sectors and marine enzymes used in molecular biology. 


Contact: Isak Bøgwald

A bioinformatics company with a focus on the development and application of machine learning algorithms to aid in the diagnosis of gut-related diseases. 

Brødrene Karlsen

Contact: Randi Karlsen

A seafood corporation supplying high quality seafood from the Arctic, offering both farmed and wild fish.


Offers superior, all-natural Arctic Marine Bioactives derived from the marine crustacean Calanus finmarchicus, providing health benefits to people and animals all over the world. 


A manufacturer and a provider of high quality biopolymers chitin and chitosan, derived from the raw material Pandalus Borealis caught in the Arctic part of the North Atlantic.


A contract research organization with cutting edge expertise in liver uptake mechanisms. 

DT Lab

A hub for Innovation and Creativity at UiT The Arctic University of Norway, helping people and organisations develop creative confidence and solve critical challenges through human-centered, design-driven approaches. 


A Centre for Biosafety with a focus on the safe use of biotechnology.

Kloosterman BioConsult

Offers support-services to actors in the marine biotechnology, industrial biotechnology and other bio-based industry sectors in Norway and abroad. 

Kvalvik Bait

Contact: Svein Kvalvik

Develops sustainable baits based on amino acids for angling and commercial fisheries.

Lytix Biopharma

Develops novel antimicrobial peptide-based drugs for the treatment of resistant bacterial and fungal infections, as well as first-in-class oncology treatments.


An industrial R&D program for marine biotechnology in Northern Norway with a focus on increasing value in the fishery, aquaculture, and biotechnological industries.


Marbank is a national marine biobank with a mission to provide academia and industry with easy access to marine biodiversity, its associated data and extractable products. 


Contact: Jaran Rauø

A marine biotechnology company with a focus on the development and commercialization of novel bioactive peptides from sustainable marine sources of the Arctic Ocean for human health and food ingredients. 

Njorth Bio_

Specializes in the evaluation and the commercialization of enzyme-based ideas through a system in which they can be commercialized at a fraction of the usual cost. 


One of the largest institutes for applied research within the fields of fisheries, aquaculture and food research in Europe. 


Contact: Finn Kortner

Norway’s largest and one of the leading multidisciplinary consultancy firms in the Nordic region, geared towards community planning and design.

Nordic Pharma Inc

Develops and produces novel ingredients based on bioactive compounds from the Arctic with a focus on marine lipids, and applies to cGMP API.

Norges Råfisklag

The fishermen’s own sales organization operating a well-functioning and modern marketplace for sustainable, wild-caught Norwegian fish, shellfish and mollusks along the Norwegian coast from Nordmøre in the southwest to Finnmark in the northeast. 

Norinnova Forvaltning

A capital management company that manages investments in the funds of NorInnova Invest AS and Norinnova Technology Transfer AS.

Norinnova Technology Transfer

An innovation company with the objective of commercializing business ideas from research activities and new technologies.

Norut Northern Research Institute

Offers expertise in synthesis and modification of small organic molecules and peptides and research into bioactive peptides and peptidomimetics


A nutraceutical company with a patented Norwegian omega-3 product for health called Olivita, a unique combination of seal oil and extra virgin olive oil. 


Contact: Stein Lian

Develops molecular diagnostics and new treatment principles for Osteoarthritis (OA), based on patented discoveries of bacterial provocation in OA pathogenesis. 

Prophylix Pharma

A Scandinavian biotech company headquartered in Tromsø, Norway, and the owner of its US subsidiary Prophylix Pharma Inc.


Helps to improve business by solving important problems and delivering quality in assurance, tax, legal and advisory services to many sectors, including the marine sector in Tromsø.


A supplier of big data analytics and data-based decision making with a specialization in providing insight to the shipping and fish farming industries.


The largest independent research organisation in Scandinavia, creating value and innovation through knowledge generation and the development of technological solutions that are brought into practical use.

Tromsø Chamber of Commerce

Contact: Trude Nilsen

 The fourth largest business association in Norway with approximately 850 members, from all sectors. 

Trofi - Tromsø Fiskeindustri

Core activities are the production of marine phospholipids and starter feed for marine larval and juvenile fish as well as handling of marine raw materials and process development.

UiT The Arctic University of Norway

Contact: Edel Elvevoll

The world’s northernmost university, located in Tromsø, Norway.


Contact: Vegard Tennes

​Sells microbiological and chemical analyses of food, water, sewage, hygiene, and environment with a wide range of accredited and unaccredited analyses.


Norwegian Innovation Clusters

A governmental cluster program aiming to trigger and enhance collaborative development activities in clusters in order to increase cluster dynamics and attractiveness while boosting the individual company’s innovativeness and competitiveness.

Innovation Norway

The Norwegian Government’s most important instrument for innovation and development of Norwegian enterprises and industry, seeking to strengthen collaboration between enterprises and knowledge communities through its cluster and network programmes.

The Research Council of Norway

A governmental funding instrument seeking to add value to the research system by facilitating research that actors in the system could not successfully achieve working on their own. 


A public enterprise owned by the Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Fisheries that is a part of the public funding agencies for innovation, working closely with Innovation Norway, the Norwegian Research Council and the Norwegian Patent Office.

Troms County Council

Responsible for certain cross-municipal tasks and initiates and coordinates regional political and administrative activities.

Tromsø Municipality

Formed by the majority in the city council and has the overall responsibility for the everyday work within the municipality.