Developing new sustainable feed ingredients from land and ocean – Webinar

Line Kjelstrup





13:00 - 14:00

Join the NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster, NCE Heidner Biocluster, NCE Blue Legasea and Biotech North in their work of evolving innovation projects across the blue and green sectors.
Through the “Land meets Ocean” webinar series we will explore the possibility of innovation across aquaculture, agriculture, and fishery. Stakeholders and experts from the sectors will share knowledge and insights on what is done today, as well as challenges and possibilities of the future.

Date and time

Fri, September 18, 2020. 13:00 – 14:00 CEST – Developing new sustainable feed ingredients from land and ocean

-Introduction​ by Nina Stangeland, Managing Director at NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster​
-The New Generation of Feed Ingredients from the Green and Blue Sector​ by Margareth Øverland, Professor at NMBU and Center Leader for CRI Foods of Norway​
-TBA by Leif Grimsmo, Senior Project Manager at Sintef Ocean
-New Feed Ingredients: The Possibilities within the Ocean​ by Kjartan Kramer, Senior Innovation Leader at Vis​
-Q&A and the Next Steps​ Facilitated by Nina Stangeland, Managing Director at NCE Seafood Innovation Cluster​

Throughout the webinar series these topics will be covered:

Circular economy and the blue green opportunities
Value development of residual raw materials from the blue and green value chain to new products
Recycling of waste from aquaculture, agriculture, and fishery for new cross-sectoral value creation
Development of new sustainable feed ingredients from land and ocean

Behind the webinar series “Land meets Ocean” is four Norwegian clusters representing the blue-green sectors.
NCE Seafood Innovation is a cluster that works towards sustainable growth of the seafood industry. The cluster consists of 80 partners and members who represent the entire value chain in the seafood industry. NCE Seafood Innovation works within the focus areas; competence, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

NCE Heidner Biocluster is the Norwegian business cluster for green bioeconomy and sustainable food production. The members’ work includes research, innovation and commercialization of breeding, biotechnology, feed development, and residual raw materials.

NCE Blue Legasea is committed to developing the marine and bio marine industry and aims to be a catalyst for unique cross-sectoral cooperation, as well as to strengthen value creation and competitiveness for the member companies and the fishing nation Norway.

Biotech North is a cluster organization located in Tromsø, Norway, which serves the biotechnology and biomarine sectors in the entire northern portion of the country. The cluster contributes to increased value creation in trade and industry by helping to develop expertise and encouraging collaboration within the areas of innovation and internationalizatio