Interested in becoming a Biotech North member?

As a member, you will receive:

  • Inclusion in the biotechnology/biomarine business network for the region of northern Norway, including an invitation to all of our business and social networking events.
  • An invitation to participate in education and competence-building through seminars, workshops, forums, and the like. These are organized by Biotech North alongside our national and international partners, and include a number of hot topics in the areas of business development, marketing, sales, employee management, funding opportunities and strategies, regulatory requirements, quality control procedures, best scientific practices, etc.
  • Inclusion in the international branding and promotion of our regional industry through our website, social media, and on-site events, with additional opportunities to profile your individual business.
  • Access to our global network. Need a partner outside of the country, but unsure of where to turn? Contact Biotech North and we will connect you with a trusted resource within our network.

Membership Fees (2022):

  • 1-5 employees: NOK 8 000 (excl. tax) per year
  • 6-20 employees: NOK 18 000 (excl. tax) per year
  • Over 20 employees NOK 32 000 (excl. tax) per year


Membership requires all members to volunteer several hours a year in assisting with the development of the cluster. This can include participation in focus groups/forums, strategy development sessions, early-phase innovation projects within the cluster, etc. Studies show that the more individuals put into the cluster, the more everyone gets out of it.

For more information contact Cluster Manager, Line Kjelstrup., +47 99505974.