Biotech North is eager to assist cluster members in making the most of their potential. Click on the expandable menu below to see a sampling of what we offer. 

Business networking is not just a popular buzzword that is currently in fashion. Research has shown that it is extremely important to business development on every level. It has even been said that the personal network of a business team is the most important resource that team owns.

Networks are used to: 
    -gain access to new ideas and resources which help develop business activity
    -build credibility by forging bonds with potential partners
    -exchange knowledge and encourage collective learning
    -stay abreast of advances in technology
    -gain access to further resources
    -build an emotional support mechanism, just to name a few.

But it is not only important to create your network – it is equally, if not more important to nurture those relationships on a regular basis. 

To help our members do this, we organize several events throughout the year that facilitate face-to-face business and social networking so that your business is always at top-of-mind awareness. Members are able to share knowledge and experience while simultaneously getting to know each other better. Be sure to check our Events page to see when the next Biotech North networking event will take place!

Biotech North aims to brand and promote the biomarine and biotechnology industry in the amazing region of northern Norway to the outside world. Whether external actors are looking for partners in funding applications, to complete their value chain, for advanced skills or as potential customers, we want them to think of the world-class researchers in the Biotech North cluster first. We do this through promotion on the website and social media, through participation in international conferences, seminars, and networking events, and through cross-promotion with global industry actors.

We also have the power to promote individual cluster members to relevant parties. We can arrange this through the website, our social media channels, our regular newsletter, and at networking events. If you have an event coming up, had a recent success or have made some changes you’d like to share, or would like us to take your brochures along to the next international conference, just let us know!

Seminars and Workshops: Throughout the year, we offer a range of seminars and workshops with subjects that are relevant to the continued education of our members. These events may also be organized in collaboration with other organizations, including but not limited to Norinnova Business Incubator, Innovation Norway, or the Research Council of Norway. They are usually available to cluster members at a discounted fee, or entirely for free.

Focus Groups: We value the experience and knowledge of our members, and want to use it to strengthen the infrastructure of our industry. Therefore, we organize focus groups in which our experts can share their professional opinions and expertise while also benefiting from the viewpoints of others. These focus groups usually have a sales, marketing and communication focus, or deal with quality control and regulatory issues.

University Programs: Biotech North also supports the university programs at UiT The Arctic University of Norway that our local industry has the best opportunity to benefit from. Find some examples below, and click on the links to learn more.

Are you thinking of creating a startup company in the biomarine or biotechnology arenas, but don’t know where to begin? Biotech North is happy to offer you advice. We have a range of partners and services within our cluster that are meant exactly for you. Feel free to contact us for a consultation, and check out our page on Tips for the Norwegian Entrepreneur

The process of obtaining funding through governmental grants can be a steep learning curve, especially for those new to the process, and even seasoned veterans can benefit from a fresh set of eyes. With that in mind, we have started a new initiative within the Biotech North cluster called our Funding Application Support Group. This group consists of around 10 professionals with extensive experience in applying for government grants, both within Norway and in the EU. Cluster members can contact us if they need advice on where to find funding applications, need help getting started on an application, are stuck on a particular area, or would like us to review the finished product. And don’t worry – all of the information in your application is kept strictly confidential.