Seminoar with Marc Van Maris from Ayanda AS

Eivind Reibo




Location: New Hall

Stadionvegen 12 Tromsø

12:00 - 12:30

This conference is held every two years with a focus on bioprospecting and biomolecules from marine environments. It takes place in the capital of the arctic world, a university town in northern Norway called Tromsø. The conference was first organized in 2002 and over the past 14 years has become one of the most knowledge-rich conferences in the field of bioprospecting bioactive molecules from marine environments, attracting top talent from Europe and abroad. The next BIOPROSP Conference will take place 8-10 March 2017, at the Scandic Ishavshotel and the Radisson Blu in Tromsø city center.

BIOPROSP aims to unite scientists with industry representatives in an effort to translate basic research into applied research with industrial application. The marine environment has been described as the last untapped resource in discovering new and unique bioactive molecules with potential to lead to significant advancement in a variety of commercial applications. Join leading speakers from academia and industry in order to discover what’s new and what’s next in the ever-evolving world of marine bioprospecting.  Originally initiated by the MABIT programme, BIOPROSP is made possible with the continued cooperation of universities, R&D institutions and industry representatives.
Contact Person:
Victoria Schjønning Paulsen
MABIT Program Coordinator
Mob: +47 907 94 606
Visiting Address:
Postboks 6413 Tromsø Science Park
9294 Tromsø