Eivind Reibo

Eivind Reibo

Biotech North is co-hosting together with The U.S. Embassy in Norway and Norinnova –  TechCamp Arctic Expertise.

TechCamp Tromsø will showcase the hidden potential and power of Arctic communities and entrepreneurship to ignite the next generation of Arctic minds.

We are inviting all youth aged 20-30 in the Arctic region to apply for our three-day TechCamp in Tromsø. Tentative date 1-3 april, 2022 at SIVA Innovation Center (please apply at the link below).

Encourage an innovative entrepreneurial mindset and a solution-oriented approach

At the “Arctic Expertise” TechCamp, you will meet local, regional, and international experts who will engage, motivate, and empower you to develop innovative solutions to Arctic issues. The three-day program will feature a highly collaborative and hands-on acceleration process including brainstorming sessions, small group discussions, and training workshops that provide innovative solutions to real challenges identified by you and your peers. You will be part of a knowledge hub that will equip you with robust skills and resilience to overcome any obstacle.

Connect participants to mentors and regional stakeholders.

We believe peer-to-peer learning and a strong support network are crucial to bringing you from idea to implementation by broadening your horizons. The “Arctic Expertise” TechCamp is built to foster conversations, feedback, and new ideas through learning from experienced and relevant experts who believe in the power of hands-on, participantdriven workshops, community learning, and the principle of co-creation with a focus on impact and results. You will forge lasting relationships with peers, trainers, and stakeholders, improve your leadership skills, and join your peers in defining the characteristics of your generation.

Strengthen Arctic communities through increased community knowledge.

As members of Arctic communities, you can strengthen the profile of the Arctic and your communities. Join us in shaping your future. Whether it’s climate change adaptation, developing infrastructure, or conserving indigenous heritage, Arctic communities are facing drastic changes. We know that local and regional issues must be led through a community-driven approach. We look forward to learning more about you and your ideas about Arctic solutions.

Follow the program development here: https://techcamp.america.gov/techcamps/arcticexpertise/

Complete your application for TechCamp: Arctic Expertise – Entrepreneurship Forum at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/NorwayRSVP.

TechCamp creates connections, sparks innovation, and empowers communities to solve the world’s most pressing challenges through technology.