Enzym Conference 2023





Location: Radisson Blu Airport Hotel

Hotellvegen Gardermoen

All day

Biotech North and NCE Blue Legasea repeat the success from last year and invite you to a new enzyme conference in 2023. The conference will be held at Gardermoen / Oslo from lunch to lunch, 6 and 7 February 2023. Registration is now open!

Here you can see some comments from the conference in 2021: Enzyme Conference 2021 – YouTube

Final program is work in progress, but you can look forward to these names :

  • Morten Elde, Business developer, Norinnova: The road from enzyme research to commercial license: A case study from Norinnova/UiT
  • Kari Nesse Johnsen, Norskin: Make the fishskin soft by use of enzymes.
  • Christian Bruckner, Norwegian Seaweed Institute: Seaweed production and processing
  • Kjersti Lie Gabrielsen, Head of Marbank, Institute of Marine Research: Access to genetic resources with legal certainty and possible benefit sharing from utilization
  • Jennifer Mildenberger , Møreforsking: Reduced allergens in marine products after enzymatic hydrolysis
  • Line S. Meidell, PhD Candidate , Institutt for bioteknologi og matvitenskap (IBT) NTNU: Exploring enzymes in marine raw materials
  • Thordur Bergsson, Business Development, North ltd Iceland.


The program will tentativt have these four sessions, as well as facilitate mingling and networking.

Session 1: Use of enzymes in the industry to support the green transition

Session 2: Bioprospecting of enzymes and new technological opportunities

Session 3: Regulatory aspects of enzyme : a bottleneck or door opener?

Enzyme technologies are used for a long time in the biomarine industries to produce high value products. The oceans are a huge source of biodiversity and are an important source for compounds with specific characteristic such as enzyme. Each enzyme is unique and allowed a large panel of different final products. New sustainable production processes are needed, and it is now time for green transition of industries.

Enzyme technologies are defined as sustainable process to extract and develop high value compounds without using chemical solvent. In this conference, we will go through the different challenges and the bottlenecks to increase and improve enzyme technology as industrial process but also its implementation and development in international market and how Norway could play a role in it. The bioprospecting of new enzymes, their potential markets and their regulatory challenges will be addressed during this conference.