Calanus® becomes Zooca™

Line Kjelstrup

Line Kjelstrup

PRESS RELEASE: Calanus® becomes Zooca™
Tromsø, Norway, July 9, 2021

To prepare for global expansion, the Norwegian company Calanus® will rebrand under the new trademark Zooca™. The new name will encompass both company and its range of products.

“We cannot wait to make the fantastic properties of the zooplankton Calanus finmarchicus known to the people of the world and we have therefore chosen a
name that represents the words “zooplankton” and “Calanus”- Zooca™, says CEOSiv-Katrin Ramskjell.

She continues, “With Zooca™, we create a brand with strong identity. We want to communicate optimism and hope, and we are eager show why these products are important to people and animals around the globe. Utilization of marine
resources at the base of the food chain is the way of the future to supply enough nutrients to the world.”

Recently, the investment company Broodstock Capital invested 10 million Euros in Zooca™ and became the major shareholder in the company. This capital raising enables efficient rollout of the new brand and ensures aligned efforts throughout the whole value chain from sustainable harvesting of Calanus finmarchicus to products on the shelf.

For more information, contact CEO Siv- Katrin Ramskjell on phone +47 90194 149 or e-mail:, or visit the Zooca website

Zooca™ is a biomarine company pioneering harvesting and utilization of the crustacean Calanus finmarchicus, and is well positioned to play a key role in industrialization of the entire value chain through its intellectual property rights. Zooca™ develops functional health- and nutrition ingredients for humans and animals exclusively from this valuable raw material. The Company’s main product is Zooca™ Lipids, which has a unique composition and several studies have shown benefits like muscle function enhancement,
improved insulin sensitivity, enhanced body composition and powerful anti inflammatory effects.