How to Prep for Partnering: Best Practice in BD Conferences

Line Kjelstrup





13:00 - 14:00

Partnering conferences require a unique approach, and knowing how to navigate this dynamic environment is crucial to maximizing your time and resources. Join us and turn your partnering event into a game-changer for your company!


Why Attend?

Conferences aren’t created equal, especially for early-stage companies like yours. Partnering conferences require a unique approach, with a well-defined protocol both before the event and on-site. The pace is fast, and knowing how to navigate this dynamic environment is crucial to maximizing your time and resources.

✅ Insider Insights: Learn the secrets to successful prep and on-site operations.

✅ Strategic Approach: Understand the unique protocols that set partnering conferences apart.

✅ Efficient Networking: Tips to make the most impactful connections.

✅ Success Stories: Hear firsthand experiences from startups that aced their partnering events.


Who Should Attend?

🚀 Startups and scale-ups 👥 Founders and CEOs 📈 Business Development Professionals

🌐 Anyone eyeing exponential growth through strategic partnerships

Join us and learn how you can turn your partnering conferences into a game-changer! 🌟


Investor readiness – webinar series 2024

This is a collaboration between five clusters within health- and life science: Norwegian Smart Care Cluster, Norway Health Tech, Oslo Cancer Cluster, The Life Science Cluster and Biotech North, as part of the project “Methodology for Coordinated Investor Relations in Life Sciences & Health Technology” funded by former Viken Fylkeskommune.

The event is part of a webinar series that will run through 2024 on different topics aiming to provide the Norwegian health- and life science industry with increased knowledge and understanding of the investor universe. The planned topics are as followed (subject to change):


  • 06.03 – Trends in health- and life science investments
  • 03.04 – Types of funding: what, when, advantages and challenges
  • 08.05 – Funding strategy; why and what is it?
  • 12.06 – Understanding sector investors and their mindset
  • 28.08 – Valuation and cap tables; what are founder friendly terms?
  • 25.09 – Knowing what you don’t know