Side event at Arctic Frontiers

Line Kjelstrup




Location: Clarion Hotel The Edge, Tromsø

Kaigata 6 Tromsø

17:15 - 18:30

Biotech North is representing Troms and Finnmark County Municipalities in Arctic Economic Council Blue Economy Working Group. And togheter with AEC, the county and PolArctic we are organizing a side event at this year Arctic Frontiers in Tromsø.

You want to attend, please contact

The session will start with a presentation on businesses and Arctic ocean technology, followed by an engaging and participant-driven Strategic Doing session. Come prepared to discuss your thoughts!

The presentations will focus on the changing Arctic, and innovations in business operations and technology that are essential factors in ensuring that a sustainable blue economy can flourish. Blue technologies hold great promise for both established and start-up companies researching and developing solutions having a positive impact from the ocean. With the anticipated growth of the blue economy to double in size globally to $3 trillion USD by the end of this decade, it is critical for the Arctic to foster high-impact business innovation.

The AEC Blue Economy Working Group and PolArctic will hold a Strategic Doing session where participants are able to engage and brainstorm solutions towards a focused goal on the Blue Economy. Strategic Doing enables people to form action‐oriented collaborations quickly, move toward measurable outcomes, and make the inevitable adjustments along the way. Possible themes will include: safe transportation for tourism and shipping, fin-fish, shellfish and kelp aquaculture, full fish utilization, energy solutions and transitions for now and the near future.