Trends in health- and life science investments 2024






13:00 - 14:00

Are you looking to raise money for your company? Join us for an insightful exploration into health- and life science investments in 2024!


📆 Date: 06.03.2024

🕒 Time: 13:00-14:00 CET

You will meet:

🎙️Lucie Ellis-Taitt, Executive Editor of In Vivo with Citeline, formerly Pharma Intelligence
🎙️Fredrik Lehmann, Entrepreneur in residence at Sound Bioventures & Venture Partner in Life Science at Industrifonden
🎙️Marko Kuisma, Partner, Innovestor Life Science

Are you curious about the intricacies of navigating health- and life science investments in 2024, and what today’s trends are telling us?

Topics we’ll cover:

  • Financial signs trending upwards – why is that a challenge?
  • Global trends & Nordic impact
  • Strategies to stand out in the noise
  • Identifying your competition & understanding their strategies
  • Unveiling hidden keys to successful relationship-building


Who Should Attend?

🚀 Startups and scale-ups 👥 Founders and CEOs 📈 Business Development Professionals

🌐 Anyone eyeing exponential growth through strategic partnerships


Who will you meet:

Fredrik Lehmann is an Entrepreneur in residence at Sound Bioventures and Venture Partner in Life Science at Industrifonden. Fredrik has held several senior executive and operational roles in varioius biotech companies, including Oncopeptides (head of research and CMC), Recipharm (General Manager) and EpiEndo (CEO and CMC). He has also founded several life science companies including OT Chemistry, which was acquired by Recipharm in 2015.

Marko Kuisma is a venture capital investor and a seasoned commercial leader and executive with experience in digital health, international health tech, health care and med tech sectors. He has close to 15 years of experience from strategic planning and execution, leading commercial operations and hands-on experience from the front lines. He has held leadership roles in multiple companies, e.g. at Kaiku Health (acquired by Elekta in 2020). He is also a mentor in the NOME Nordic Mentor Network and SPARK Finland program, and has served as an advisor to several digital health companies.​


Lucie Ellis-Taitt has been reporting on the biopharma and medtech industries for more than a decade. As executive editor for Citeline #InVivo, she is responsible for setting the publication’s agenda, managing a team of experienced journalists and reporting on the most important topics for In Vivo’s audience of industry leaders. In Vivo is the premiere resource for life sciences business strategy, covering the biopharma, medtech and diagnostics industries in one authoritative package. With a unique understanding of the forces shaping global health care, In Vivo delivers the ‘so what?’ underpinning industry events, helping readers make proactive rather than reactive business decisions, broker deals with confidence, and identify opportunities.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain invaluable knowledge and network with fellow innovators. Join us and learn how to best prepare your funding plans!

Investor readiness – webinar series 2024

This is a collaboration between five clusters within health- and life science: Norwegian Smart Care Cluster, Norway Health Tech, Oslo Cancer Cluster, The Life Science Cluster and Biotech North, as part of the project “Methodology for Coordinated Investor Relations in Life Sciences & Health Technology” funded by former Viken Fylkeskommune. The project is coordinated by The Life Science Cluster.

The event is part of a webinar series that will run through 2024 on different topics aiming to provide the Norwegian health- and life science industry with increased knowledge and understanding of the investor universe. The planned topics are as followed (subject to change):

  • 03.04 – Types of funding: what, when, advantages and challenges
  • 08.05 – Funding strategy; why and what is it?
  • 12.06 – Understanding sector investors and their mindset
  • 28.08 – Valuation and cap tables; what are founder friendly terms?
  • 25.09 – Knowing what you don’t know